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Moikka, ja tervetuloa uunituoreeseen Team Uniquen blogiin!

We are a senior synchronized skating team, Team Unique, from Helsinki Finland. We are one of the Finnish national teams of synchronized skating and our home club is called Helsingfors Skridskoklubb rf. We practice almost 24 hours in a week and it includes ice training, dance, gym and mental training. We are 17-24 years old and our will to be better athletes interrelates us as a team and individuals. Our journey from the first qualifiers in November to the Finnish nationals in February indicates our sense of direction and hardworking. We were able to lift our ranking from the clear third to national champions!

A lot have happened afterwards the World Synchronized Skating Championships in Budapest. We have had the honor to get 8 new lovely skaters to our team. 7 from our junior team, Team Mystique, and one from Naantali. We had a little ceremony to the new skaters at the end of May, so that there are now 26 unique girls in our team. Before summer break we trained lots of the basics of skating and new stunts. Now both of our programs are in good shape and we will tell you where we are at and what were are up to in our future posts.

The main reason to start this blog was that we wanted to give people more knowledge of synchronized skating. For you we are offering an exclusive material of our ordinary life. We want to show you how we adjust work, school, training and other things together. It is not always easy but that’s how life is. To us skating is a way of life and we get so much from it that we don’t always realize it ourselves ether.
Along to these things we share you our training, food and health tips, which we think would inspire and motivate you. And if you have some questions don’t be shy to ask. We try to answer them as good as we can!

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